Marc Beitz

Marc received his BA in Philosophy from Williams College and is currently working towards his MSW at the University of St Thomas. He has experience working as a crisis counselor and with high-needs elementary students. As the child of immigrants, he is very aware of the role culture plays in our lives. Marc believes that creating an open and safe space for communication and exploration leads to opportunities for growth and change.

Claire received her Bachelor of Arts from Pitzer College where she studied Gender and Feminist Studies and is currently completing a Master of Social Work in Clinical Mental Health at the University of Minnesota. Although she is new to the field of clinical mental health, she has a background in social service work and brings a powerful enthusiasm for connecting with and supporting others through their healing and personal growth. Claire is fascinated by the human mind, the human experience, and the human spirit, and believes that true healing is achieved through authentic, caring human relationships. She is also a passionate advocate for social justice and believes that the forces of culture and society can have a significant impact on individuals’ mental health. Claire holds a deep respect for the trust that clients bestow her and takes genuine joy in helping clients to explore their inner lives.