MPSI Psychotherapy Center


Clinical Fellows/Therapists

The therapists at the MPSI Psychotherapy Center are taking part in a one- or two-year clinical fellowship.  Each clinical fellow is at least a masters-level mental health practitioner working toward licensure or a mid-career licensed psychotherapist deepening their clinical skills. All clinical fellows receive intensive supervision, training, and consultation to support the therapy that they provide.

Lydia Goblirsch

Lydia is currently completing a Master’s in Counseling Psychology at the University of St. Thomas. She studied Psychology and Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she received her BA. She has a particular passion for feminist legal theory and the overlap between psychology, law and social policy. In terms of therapeutic approach, she emphasizes the importance of self-exploration and healthy relationship building with oneself and those around. This is done through creating a warm, comfortable, nonjudgmental, and safe space to speak freely.

Nadia Hecker-O”Brien

Nadia is currently pursuing her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Minnesota. Nadia received her BA in Religious Studies and Critical Identity Studies at Beloit College where she focused on issues of colonialism and gender in semitic communities. Since graduating college Nadia has worked as an advocate and organizer with diverse communities facing civil rights violations, criminal-legal involvement, and homelessness. Nadia comes to this work with the belief in the inherent value of every person and the perspective that no thought or emotion is too small to explore. Nadia is interested in the investigation of monogamy, binary thinking, and other societal norms that don’t always work for everyone.

Anders Jader

Anders has worked in hospitals, acute crisis care, residential, and community settings since 2018. Through these experiences, he has developed many ways of relating compassionately to the broad range of human suffering–spanning from the more common ailments such as chronic shame, anxiety, and depression, all the way to more extreme crises such as psychosis, trauma, and dissociation. Anders practice offers clients a non-judgemental space to meet and clarify what’s wrong. Deeply moved by the opportunity to stand alongside clients as they begin to meet hidden or rejected parts of themselves that feel stuck, hurt, ashamed, scared or broken, in order to discover together what these parts need in order to nurture their development and freedom. He take a holistic approach to therapy, and works with clients to explore and meet themselves more fully within a safe and compassionate container.

If it is something that interests the client, Anders will also accompany them as they explore any spiritual or existential dilemmas that may be present in their life. He work with clients to discern and clarify what is most important within these dilemmas, as well as to help them find pathways forward. Understanding the deep, challenging, and even treacherous work people are often faced with when beginning to show up to live more fully. Anders is trained in various forms of self-inquiry, meditation, and body-centered movement practices, and enjoy incorporating these techniques into the therapeutic space if it can assist the client with their work. When he’s not doing therapy, Anders enjoys various forms of writing, reading, music making, dancing, and martial arts.

Hanna Kaefer

Hannah received her BA from Bethel University in Social Work and is currently working towards her Masters of Social Work (MSW) in Clinical Mental Health at St. Catherine University. She has previous experience working with domestic violence survivors and in various school settings supporting students with social, emotional, and behavioral concerns. Hannah strives for a strength-based approach focusing on seeing the client as the expert. She strongly emphasizes the importance of creating a non-judgmental and safe place for clients to feel comfortable sharing. Hannah has a strong desire to empower her clients to seek change and build resilience.

Jessica Levine

Jessica is working toward a Master of Social Work from the University of St. Thomas. There, she has a study emphasis on practice with immigrants and refugees. She completed a Master of Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota and has experience advocating for underserved groups, managing clinics, and developing programs. Jessica has also studied cultural anthropology and visual arts.
She enjoys working with a diversity of people and learning about their unique experiences. She aims to create an environment where people feel safe and listened to, can explore their life and relationships, and move toward change and wellness.

Brian Nolan

Brian earned his BA in Psychology from St. John’s University and is currently working toward his MSW degree at the University of St. Thomas. He has experience working with those struggling with severe and persistent mental illness, connecting people to social services, and as a crisis counselor. He believes listening, trust, and a non-judgmental safe space are keys to helping people explore their lives. He values authenticity, humor, compassion, and understanding others.

Anna Weiland

Anna is currently completing a Master of Social work in Clinical Mental Health at the University of Minnesota. She studied Media Studies and Psychology at Vassar College, and has a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College. Prior to starting at UMN, Anna taught Pre-K in New York City and the Twin Cities area for 8 years. She continues to be committed to thinking deeply about childhood and honoring the importance of our experiences as young people. Anna’s undergraduate education centered on the role of media influence in our lives, and she values reflecting on her own and others’ relationships to popular culture, particularly its impact on our self-perception.